okay, now that i have knitted a bit more, i am into it.

(the pattern is this kieran foley one that i love a lot. i have knitted it into a denser fabric with one of my favourite crunchy-crisp yarns that is a little flyaway and fragile in the skein, but blooms into sturdy solidity at this gauge with blocking. the fabric is not delicate at all.)

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Recentish FO which has been lying around waiting for the weather to cool down enough for me to wear it. Pattern is Take Heart by Fiona Alice from PomPom Quarterly issue 7: Winter 2013, I used a skein of my own yarn; Great Woolly Owl Niamh Aran in Love and Freindship (sister skein here) and the fluffy pompom is by Toft Alpaca.

I do love a good bobble hat and would definitely make another of these, although next time around I’ll probably just make a pompom with leftover yarn and my awesome pompom maker.

"She is the queen goddess of the universe. She has mystical powers, sexual powers, and she’s always the funniest person in the room. Sometimes I feel like her mother and sometimes I feel like I birthed her and sometimes I feel like she birthed me. And sometimes I want to make out with her." - Aubrey Plaza

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A descendent of theropod dinosaurs, Ladies & Gentlemen.

Think of the lives that could have been saved if they had a bucket of ping pong balls to distract the raptors.

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